What if….

One fine day you open your social media account.

But something’s missing... And then it hits you – not a single comment attacking you.

There’s no "trash talk" on your feed. No trash left by trolls on your friends' feeds either.

Yes, you can still see disputes and disagreements. But they aren’t socially inappropriate.

Can your account really be protected against those verbal attacks?

Yes, it is possible.

How is this possible?

The system works proactively when somebody tries to publish posts connected to you. When they press the publish button, any spam post or attack comment is sent into a "limbo zone" where an n-Bot asks about the poster’s health and mood, instead of you having to deal with it.

n-Bot is patient, very patient. Sooner or later, using better or acceptable wording, most of us will come to an agreement, an understanding. Unless it's a troll-bot. Troll-bots get caught. Nobody wants to be like a troll-bot, right?

Why do we do that?

Offensive comments tend to be handled in a reactive manner, often relying on human moderators to delete comments. Some bots also respond by blocking comments when certain phrases appear, like those associated with hate speech or fake news. Automatic blocking can lead to contextual errors, and automatic comment deletion after multiple reporting can be easily attacked through coordinated action, which in turn allows individual bullying.

Our proactive approach towards a solution means the one sending the comment/s is given the opportunity to adjust or replace the unacceptable wording. The sender's comments, usually based on an emotional reaction, are ‘cooled down’ through impartial coaching dialogue. Thus, the n-Bot provides compromise without impacting censorship and/or free speech rights. The use of personal protection is your right to free choice.

When is this possible?

'We plan on starting to work with test groups, about 6 months after seed funding is completed.

We will keep you informed. Join our test group.


Where is it possible?

Indicate where you would like to have n-Bot protection.

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What language will be used?

The first n-Bot language will be English. What could be the n-Bot's next language?

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By the way - we're in competition with other teams and their ideas

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